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SMS Plus Modules

The SMS Plus product series is designed beyond a simple SMS gateway software that only does simple connectivity to the mobile carrier. It satisfies a broad spectrum of business needs in a reliable, accountable and secure fashion.

Designed in modular functional blocks and SOA architecture, these products can work individually or together to satisfy different messaging processes for an organisation. It has been deployed internationally amongst the most secured environment like the government agencies and banks to serve as the infrastructure SMS messaging backbone for the whole organisation.

SMS Plus-based solutions are proven effective in platforms such as:

  • SMS Gateway
  • System Monitoring
  • Desktop Messaging
  • System Integration
  • Projections 

System Integration API

SMS Plus offers different ways to integrate with corporate systems. For direct integration to database without any development codes, developers may integrate:

  • SMS Plus SmartCast
  • SMS Plus DB Alert
  • SMS Plus Command Builder

For other integration with HTTP/Web Services, SMS Plus Work Group has an API (Application Programming Interface) to allow the sending and receiving of SMS. The supported HTTP/Web Services method includes:

  • Single SMS
  • Bulk SMS
  • Incoming SMS to HTTP post/Get