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SMPP Server

Dataslices messaging platform™ (DMP) is built over kennel open source environment with linux fedora core 4/5 platform. dmp can connect to various smscs via smpp 3.4/3.5 protocols.

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SMS Marketing

Dataslices with over 10 years of focused experience in digital marketing, Targeted SMS marketing and  will be the trusted partner of your business marketing needs during the pandemic of COVID-19.

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Whatsapp Marketing

Send Professional Bulk Messages Through Whatsapp Marketing on Dataslices platform – 100% Results. We can send your ad campaign on unlimited contacts in very short amount of time.

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Who can use it?

Even with all the latest digital marketing trends, SMS continues to be an important part of every marketing

About SMS Plus Canada

SMS Plus is headquartered in Canada, having MENA HQ in Dubai, providing innovative SMS solutions to businesses, large and small. SMS services are provided through the company’s proprietary, web-based software, SMS Connect Software delivers all the functionality for a business to fully manage its SMS Plus programs.

SMS Plus also offers customized SMS solutions, staffed with experienced developers that can accommodate any unique requirements for a SMS Connect campaign

Number 1 Solutions

One product for all your mobile messaging needs. Ideal for any business, club or community group.
Send group texts online

  • Receive texts
  • Connect your application
  • Connect Email to SMS
  • Create mobile web pages
  • Picture messaging
  • Full reporting and stats
  • Free trial
Simple SMS Plus

Powerful tool for your business to grow.

SMS Marketing is bringing our simply streamlined, insanely effective text message marketing platform to Canada. Whether you’re a church or school, fitness center or beauty salon, bar or restaurant, civic organization or consumer group, you’re primed to take advantage of text message marketing.

Why SMS Connect

SMS Connect makes effective SMS marketing easy indeed – whether you’re brand new to text message marketing or a seasoned hand.


Sending SMS online, via email or integrating through your own application – we provide the most intuitive, easy to use system of its type.

Exceptional Value.

Powerful features, top customer support and flexible pricing all make for outstanding value.

Dubai-Canadian based.

SMS Plus is a Dubai & Canadian-based team of developers, problem solvers, marketers, tinkerers, all working around the clock to offer the most powerful text marketing platform…for you!

SMS Connect only use the highest quality UAE Tier-1 connections to deliver your message…instantly.

Customer Service desk

It takes a matter of minutes to set up a SMS Connect account and it will be ready with 10 free credits straight away. But, if you have any questions or would like to have one of our services explained to you then that’s fine too.

At SMS Plus our overall customer service strategy is anchored around finding a solution for our customers in all circumstances. Our friendly team are at the end of the phone within office hours, and out of hours we have an answer service which is picked up next working day answering any queries as quick as we can. Our customers tell us they like this level of service in the hundreds of testimonials they’ve written about us. Any customer can contact a member of the team via phone, email, through their Messenger account, or even chat live online to our team. You can also ask us to call you back so it won’t cost you a penny.

Technical desk

Unlike many competitors, we have an in-house technical team giving us total flexibility to mould and develop our technology to suit the needs and desires of our customers. Our experienced team work on the philosophy that if a customer wants something new that would be useful for other customers, we can implement it freely and quickly. We are extremely proud of the fact that we can make technological changes and improvements to Messenger simply and directly in response to our customer feedback. This customer-led innovation is how many of our services have evolved. Our customers know that they have access at all times to technical support and most queries are dealt with within the hour.

Trusted by great brands

We are privileged to be working with some of the most well known companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly!


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