Is there any hole that leaks your confidential data?

Do not compromise the security of the entire organization.If your mobile apps are not secured how could you ensure that you can get value from it?


INFiLX offers the most advanced and innovative solution for the mobile security market.Our mobile application security testing solution discovers malicious and risky actions in your mobile applications, keeping your business and customers safe against attacks.

INFiLX’s in-depth mobile application penetration testing service can identify weaknesses within iOS and Android applications that run on mobile devices. We provide in-depth security testing of mobile applications to conform with the high security standards and detailed remediation procedures are also included in the report to fix the issues.

INFiLX provides mobile application security testing for the following platforms

iOS based mobile applications

Android based mobile applications


Identify system and Information gathering

In this stage, gathering and examining essential information about an application and its infrastructure. The ability to discover hidden cues that might shed light on the existence of a vulnerability might be the difference among a successful and unsuccessful pentest. Well performed intelligence gathering guarantees a high chance of successful exploitation hence a successful project.

  • App crawling
  • App stores
  • Client input
  • App entry points

Vulnerability identification

The process of assessing mobile applications is unique because it requires the penetration tester to check the apps before and after installation.  Reviews include the forensic examination of the file system, assessment of the network traffic between the application and server and an evaluation of the application’s inter-process communication


  • Securit testing
  • Static application security testing

  • Dynamic application security testing

  • Manual application security testing

  • Encryption and privacy Testing
  • Software composition analysis(SCA)

  • Communication channels encryption analysis

  • Mobile backend security testing
  • REST/SOAP,API’s and web services testing

  • OWASP top 10& SANS top 25

Application Exploitation

This phase will involve taking all potential vulnerabilities identified in the previous stages of the assessment and attempting to exploit them as an attacker would. That helps to evaluate the realistic risk level associated with the successful exploitation of the vulnerability, analyze the possibility of attack chains, and account for any mitigating controls.

  • Exploiting business logic

Result analysis and Reporting

An excellent report communicates to management in simple language, clearly indicating the discovered vulnerabilities, consequences to the business, and possible remediation or recommendations. The vulnerabilities must be risk-rated and proper technical communication done for the technical person, with a proof of concept included supporting the findings uncovered.


  • Elimination of false positive
  • Summarize and report results
  • Mitigation consulting
  • Fix report

Make your app smart with smart security solutions.

INFiLX helps to minimize security risks by assessing the mobile application’s vulnerabilities also recommends solutions to enhance security and safeguard your information assets.
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Frequently Asked Questions ?

The goal of OWASP TOP 10 is to educate developers, architects, managers, organizations, and designers about the consequences of the most common and most critical web application security weakness. OWASP TOP 10 provides basic techniques to protect against these high-risk problems and give guidance on what to do next.

Black-box testing is conducted without having any information about the app being tested. This process is sometimes called “zero-knowledge testing.” The primary purpose of this test is allowing the tester to behave like a real attacker in the sense of exploring possible uses for publicly available and discoverable information.

White-box testing (sometimes called “full knowledge testing”) in this the tester has full knowledge of the app. The knowledge may encompass source code, documentation, and diagrams. This approach allows much faster testing than black-box testing due to its transparency, and with the additional knowledge gained, a tester can build much more sophisticated and granular test cases.

In Gray-box testing some information is provided to the tester (usually credentials only), and other information is intended to be discovered. This type of testing is an interesting compromise in the number of test cases, the cost, the speed, and the scope of testing. Gray-box testing is the most common kind of testing in the security industry.


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