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Identify security vulnerabilities,weakness and technical flaws & make sure that your web applications are safe.


INFiLX is excellent at application security  testing for web applications.We uncover logic and design flaws and provides recommendations to your company with clear, actionable instructions to improve the overall security posture.

INFiLX is a 100% Security-focused company that serves high-end security to our customers by using both automated and manual testing methods. We collect large amounts of data with automated testing tools and then use that data to conduct manual testing methods to explore further. Our hybrid testing methods lets you know the criticality of the vulnerabilities found in applications, including front and backend systems.Thus ensures that your application and organization are thoroughly covered and secure against potential attacks.


Identify system & Information gathering

This stage includes a review of publicly available information and resources. The goal of this phase is to identify any sensitive information that may help during the following stages of testing, which could include email addresses, usernames, software information, user manuals,etc. The gathered data will help us to understand the operating conditions of the organization, which allows us to evaluate risk accurately

  • Identify the critical systems to be assessed
  • Identify the scan window
  • Application crawling
  • Open source intelligence
  • Web archives
  • Application entry points

Application enumeration

Web application enumeration is a process that aims to identify applications that are present on infrastructure. The enumeration process mainly uses Black box testing, Grey box testing, and white box testing.

  • Port scanning
  • Error code analysis
  • OS fingerprinting
  • Business logic analysis

Vulnerability ANALYSIS & Detection

The vulnerability analysis phase will encompass the discovery of all targets/applications at both the network layer and the application layer.Vulnerability analysis and detection includes manual and automated methods. 

  • Automated:

    Built in vulnerability scanner

  • Testing through in house tools

  • Testing through premium tools CVE ID’s checks

  • Manual :

    OWASP top 10 testing

  • SANS top 25

  • WASC model

Penetration Testing

This phase will involve taking all potential vulnerabilities identified in the previous stages of the assessment and attempting to exploit them as an attacker would. This stage helps to evaluate the realistic risk level associated with the successful exploitation of the vulnerability, analyze the possibility of attack chains.

  • Exploitation
  • Maintaining access
  • Covering tracks

Result Analyse & Reporting

After completing the assessment report is written for management consumption and includes a high-level overview of assessment activities, scope, most critical/thematic issues discovered, overall risk scoring, organizational security strengths, and relevant screenshots. The report also helps to understand the risk, recommended remediation actions, etc.

  • Evidence collection
  • Summarize and Report Results

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INFiLX’s certified cybersecurity experts will monitor your software or web application, and spotting vulnerabilities before hackers even have a chance to compromise your use or data.
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Frequently Asked Questions ?

API testing is a type of software testing that involves testing application programming interfaces directly and as part of integration testing to determine if they meet expectations for functionality, reliability, performance, and security.API testing is the only way to provide truly secure, reliable and scalable connections between platforms. Testing offers these benefits:

Access to the application without user interface

Protection from malicious code and breakage.

Cost-Effective / Reduces Testing Cost.

Technology Independent.

A web application firewall(WAF ) analyses both HTTP and HTTPS web traffic, hence it can identify malicious hacker attacks as it works at the application layer. 

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